Sold! One Planet (slightly used)

I am pleased as spiked punch to report my drunk-aliens-on-vacation-in-Antarctica-story will be part of the upcoming anthology: Terraforming Earth for Aliens, edited by David Harten Watson. Woohoo! I had so much fun with that story and am excited to get to share it! My aliens get so drunk! It was a blast to write (once … Continue reading Sold! One Planet (slightly used)

Science / Fiction

It was St. Patrick's Day, and every bar in Boston was closed. or “My dad’s birthday was a laugh-filled raucous affair, a houseful of family and friends, a table groaning with food and drink and ringed with chairs filled with happy, animated guests; a month later birthday parties were banned across the globe.” or “I … Continue reading Science / Fiction


I attended a Gateless writing workshop recently, hosted by the fabulous life, healing and writing coach Noëlle Janka. Gateless writing was developed by Suzanne Kingsbury, based on both traditional Zen Buddhism and cutting edge brain science, working to develop an environment most conducive to be creative. Gateless is a style of workshop where you sit … Continue reading Gateless

Publishing Yesterday’s Tomorrow Today!

I’ve just sold my short story ‘Mission Accomplished’ to Zombie Pirate Publishing’s anthology Raygun Retro. Woo-hoo! I’ve been pitching the story as a-gender-swapped-Apocalypse-Now-set-on-Venus. Yeah, I’ve gotten some odd looks. But come, the idea of soldiers going to Venus to kill spear-wielding aliens in order to help keep the solar system safe for democracy is not … Continue reading Publishing Yesterday’s Tomorrow Today!