Sold! One Planet (slightly used)

I am pleased as spiked punch to report my drunk-aliens-on-vacation-in-Antarctica-story will be part of the upcoming anthology: Terraforming Earth for Aliens, edited by David Harten Watson. Woohoo! I had so much fun with that story and am excited to get to share it! My aliens get so drunk! It was a blast to write (once … Continue reading Sold! One Planet (slightly used)

Publishing Yesterday’s Tomorrow Today!

I’ve just sold my short story ‘Mission Accomplished’ to Zombie Pirate Publishing’s anthology Raygun Retro. Woo-hoo! I’ve been pitching the story as a-gender-swapped-Apocalypse-Now-set-on-Venus. Yeah, I’ve gotten some odd looks. But come, the idea of soldiers going to Venus to kill spear-wielding aliens in order to help keep the solar system safe for democracy is not … Continue reading Publishing Yesterday’s Tomorrow Today!