Kara’s Publications

My publications:

Upcoming: ‘Some Like it Cold’, Terraforming Earth for Aliens, anthology, Pen-L Publishing, October, 2020

Upcoming: ‘The Fighting Vixens,’ Raygun Retro, anthology, Zombie Pirate Publishing, May, 2020.

Upcoming: ‘Tour d’Olympus,’ Utopia Science Fiction, literary magazine, April, 2020.

A Candle in the Darkness,’ Wizards in Space, literary magazine, March, 2020

‘One Small Snack for Man,’ Hamthology, David F. Shultz Publications, anthology, 2019

‘Dark Pools of Liquidity,’ Quoth the Raven, Camden Park Press, anthology, 2018

‘First,’ Alternative Theologies, B Cubed Press, anthology, 2018

‘Presents from Earth,’ Where We May Wag, Writing Piazza Press, anthology, 2018

‘Dove in the Window,’ reprint, Into the Mystic, Vol. One, Nine Star Press, anthology, 2017

‘Offering,’ Wee Folk and Wise, Sky Warrior Books, anthology, 2016

‘Dove in the Window,’ Less Than Dead, Less Than Three Press, 2016

Life on Mars: It’s a Girl!‘ on ‘Flash Fiction Press’ website, June 2016

‘Waters Above the Heavens,’ Visions III: Inside the Kuiper Belt, Lilicat Publishing, 2015

‘Mars Tea,’ issue 5 of ‘Timeless Tales’ website, November 2015

‘Betting the Boot,’ Building Red, Walrus Publishing, anthology, 2015

‘And a Pebble in Her Shoe’, Redshifted, Third Flatiron Press, anthology, 2013

‘From Scratch,’ in Dying to Live, Diabolic Publications, anthology, 2013

A Passing, Pleasing Tongue,’ podcast, ‘Tales of Old’ website, 2012

‘The Undead Pay the Bills,’ It Was A Dark and Stormy Night, anthology, Pill Hill Press, 2011

Da Vinci’s Designs, Scholastic books, 2004

‘Queen Lackahead,’ poem, Renaissance Magazine, 2004